Board/Staff Retreats are a perfect vehicle for beginning the process of addressing the following four questions:

If we are doing well, what do we have to do to maintain our progress and to keep improving?

If we are not doing as well as we could, what are the issues that must be addressed and what is the best way to begin to realistically address them?

How much time/energy/effort is our lay/professional leadership willing to invest to make changes in our organization?

Will our ability to successfully execute our mission be seriously impeded if we don’t begin to carefully examine the way we operate and function within our organization?

What Can be Accomplished as a Result of a Board/Staff Retreat?

How Does Your Organization Schedule A Board/Staff Retreat?

What Information Will Mark Need From Your Organization?

Zalkin Training and Development offers the following three package options for Board/Staff Retreats:

Option 1: One-Day Board/Staff Retreat

Option 2: One Day Retreat + Six Month Follow-Up

Option 3: Two Full One-Day Retreats + Six Month Checkup Session

Two One-Day Retreats scheduled a year apart with a checkup session at the six-month mark.